I admit it.

I don’t care.

What don’t I care about?

Doping. That is, I don’t care whether Lance doped.


It’s a witch-hunt. A frame-up. A sacrificial frog.

The people ‘in charge’ don’t give a rat’s hoot about doping. If they did, they’d make testing better. They’d enforce. They’d measure performance in controlled conditions. And compare.

But now? Years later?

This stinks. The entire UCI and every other CYA absolutely and incontrovertibly stinks.

It’s a game. A show.

And, as far as I’m concerned, Lance is a 7 time TDF winner. Period.

What about paying back the money he earned? That’s right. Earned.

That’s what they’re saying.

Hell, I wouldn’t. Not unless a court ordered me to.

And even then, probably not.

So take that in your UCI and shove it. I can form my own opinion.

And I have.

Sheila Muirenn. Age 42. Roadie since 1978.


2 Responses to “Lance”

  1. Kimberly Hammel Says:

    Thank you, Sheila!
    Finally…a voice unafraid to speak!
    I too, could care less if Lance Armstrong was doping. They were ALL doping! Some just did it better than others! The UCI is about as worthless as Tits on a toad! Doping has been used by athletes in so many other sports as well…these idiots should stop the witch hunt! Help put a stop to the use of crack, cocaine, heroine, crystal meth……these are the substances society should be concerned about! Leave our athletes alone! They aren’t criminals. They aren’t hurting anyone!! This is just the result of many who feel Armstrong has won the TDF too many times….Even after battling cancer! He’s done much more good than harm, so for the live of God, people! Lay off!!

    Kim Hammel

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