cheese ball

I am the cheese

I am the big cheese
I am the big chesse,


rolled in onions, chives, and slivered Almonds.

Soft inside and gooey.

The cheese ball


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One Response to “cheese ball”

  1. medicaretipsforseniors Says:

    I want to say thank you for your post on Tate’s Miracle Conditioner. I thought I was the only one with various chemical sensitivities. I have been fighting atopic dermatitis as a result of cleaning products, then all the creams/lotions and they have made my feet and hands just miserable. Dr. confirmed dermatitis and put me on steriods, they helped but once off of them, something in the lotions (probably the preservatives) started making everything worse again. I just bought Tate’s Conditioner today and I am hopeful it will help. Thanks again!

    MJ Stern

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