It started with Narnia.

A simple childrens’ story—

not so simple. No.

Narnia: a complex, woven tale expressing one man’s metaphysical beliefs.

The beginning.

The middle.

The end—

and after.

After what? You ask. After life’s finish.

After life.

The Afterlife.

A story. True. To make us feel better.

Unless rational and real truth impede.

Then nothing. Nothing remains. Death happens. And that’s it.


But it all started with Narnia.

The movie Narnia “came out” on DVD April 4th, in the two thousand and sixth year after the “common” era began.

But why remember that? Why remember that I drove from work straight to Best-Buy to buy it on DVD?

Why remember that happened two weeks after the final death throes of my marriage?

Why remember the “X” (ex-husband of course) and I saw Narnia in the Movie theater our last X-mas Day together? Daytime only, we had a fight later, and I went to a hotel.

Why remember that if I hadn’t gone to Best Buy on April fourth, 2006, I would have driven home my usual route, by leaving Parris Island and turning right instead of following a straight road that led to Best Buy.

Why remember that? Why indeed?

I left Best-Buy and drove the long way home after being turned by an horrific car accident that involved a small sedan and a city dump truck.

Why remember, that if it hadn’t been for Narnia, I would have driven past that shattered wreck exactly as it happened?

Why remember the person in that vehicle?

Anna. Anna.

She died. Two hours after our last six together.


In an office on Parris Island.

Why remember?

Because I hope she’s in Narnia.


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2 Responses to “Narnia”

  1. tammy Says:

    Wow…that’s about all I can say..
    after reading that…all I can say is….

  2. samantha Says:

    that is scary stuff.

    i haven’t seen narnia or read the book, but i assume narnia is a good place. so i hope she’s in narnia as well.

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