A decidedly non-diva roadie group.

Wow! What a morning. I left my house to go on my first ride since January third (except for testing my other bike for a few lazy miles a couple of weeks ago).

We have a decided lack of ‘intermediate’ groups in my area, so I ride solo a lot, which is what I intended today. After my first hour, going pretty slow and warming up–it was 45 degrees, and for you snow-bunnies, that’s cold, I got picked up by a local group of about 10 riders. It was a great ride, I did well the first 35 miles or so, but, seriously, I had planned a short, easy conditioning ride. We went about 22 mph for most of that first part. That’s slow for them; it’s winter, after all.

Most of them had the words Lowcountry Velo on their Jerserys. Sigh. Velo =’s too fast for Sheila.

I think it would have been okay had I actually been riding lately, even just short, easy rides. For the last 15 miles, I started cramping. Even my arms and hands, and I wasn’t leaning on them hard, seized up. Okay. I tried to make the other riders drop me. I knew where I was and had ridden there many times. I’d be okay.

Nope. Not happening.

One of them pushed me for awhile, then we stopped at a gas station and I discovered what half a Coca Cola can do for you on a ride.

So that was my first bonk? I should have made sure I limited my ride time and left early. A few other people did that, but I wasn’t familiar with this group. And really, once I start it can be hard to stop. Anyway, at least they said I could ride with them again rather than get mad I feel kind of stupid though. I’m usually so careful!


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4 Responses to “A decidedly non-diva roadie group.”

  1. ¿W? Says:

    Sheila you should be proud of yourself! That is incredible that you rode with such a serious group, and KEPT UP! So what you fell behind? It sounds like they had your back (literally) and you made it through. Are you going to continue riding with them?

    Maria // mariacycle.wordpress.com

  2. Sue Says:

    Wow, that’s great that you kept up so well. I’ve never ridden with a road group, just with friends. I did ride with a MTB group once, but did not enjoy it so much. I would someday like to try riding with a road group.

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