My Dog Broke a Nail

Boston with a boo boo

This is Moby (on the left) and his sister Lily Bat. (Lily’s eye on the right is fine. That’s from the camera. Protuberant ‘bug’ eyes tend to reflect a lot in camera flash.

Lily has a bunch of Typical Boston Terrrier Medical Problems. Luckily our vet is fantastic. Really

Moby has just one. It’s unusal. To the point where his doctor has rarely seen such a case.

Moby’s toe-nails, get ready for this, break too easily!

He’s 7. Well, they both are, they’re littermates.

Anyway, he’s 7, and he gets into a situation about once or twice per year that causes him to break a nail.

And I don’t mean just any little break. I mean the thing fractures at the nailbed and spurts blood.

They are also quite brittle, and yes, I do cut them!

Last time it happened at the water-front park, he caught a nail in the cracks of the sidewalk. Had both dogs with me of course; blood dripped everywhere. Had to carry my massive 33 lb Boston Terrier to the car while a stranger followed me with Ms Lily.

Today? I have Berber carpet. I’m almost positive he caught a nail in its deadly weave.

But I’m an old pro. I keep rolled gauze and one of those long Ace-like bandages that sticks to itself.

It’s funny, because Moby holds his ‘arm’ up and hobbles on 3 legs until it comes off. Oh, and if I touch the outside of the bandage he squeals.

What a drama Queen. A minute ago I touched the bandage by his elbow and he yelled like I’d just amputated it.

Funny. Because he is usually so calm and quiet.

(attached picture shows Moby with a sock, my sock!, over his bandage so I can send him outside to go potty without having to change it every time. He’s neutered and never learned to lift. Unfortunately this means he can’t aim when he only has 3 legs).

Sigh. The things we do.


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One Response to “My Dog Broke a Nail”

  1. Suza Kates Says:

    What cuties! I hate to say it, but isn’t it always the males? : ) Loved hearing about your gogs and getting to see them!

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