Bike Snobs


Bike Snobs piss me off.  

I like riding.  And have a long history of it.  

Last week I was in a crash.  

Back-up. The men I work with ride.  

A lot.  

But I’d avoided them because they’re fast, too serious, and I just got back ‘into’ it   a couple of years ago.  

No problem. I did group-rides out in town.  

They are pretty good too. I listen. Try to learn.  

And finally went with my work buddies.  

First ride. 104 degrees at lunchtime: when we rode of course. The ride so-so. It was hot!  

Second ride? The chief bike guru couldn’t make it. Still a nice little group. 6 people?  

Something like that.   We hit a 360 degree circle at the golf course. Good lean of the bike to my left. Body straight. Kept pressure on the right pedal and spun.

I felt my rear tire skid.  

Can’t understand it because my position felt perfect and I made sure I didn’t run over any   pine needles.

There were a lot of pine needles.  

I got my bike vertical again, then crashed. To the left.  


Tire came off the bike. Tube blew.  

Anyway. I’m fine, with wound-care. Bike’s fine, with a tune-up.  

Guy behind me said he saw my tire come off as I rode.  

So is it my fault? No idea.  

But the bike Guru AKA Bike Snob implied I should ride by myself from now on.  

What a jerk.


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