Why poetry? Robert Graves.

Quote by Robert Graves:

“…only gold ore can be turned into gold; only poetry into poems.”

This was a revelation, and it explained why I suddenly started writing poetry. My style is a little different. I’d never been much into reading poetry. Why the heck did I suddenly start writing it? I’m a more recent ‘writer,’ prefering art, dance, and whatever else struck me.

The poetry confused me until I read that.

Poetry just happens.

It simply ‘is.’



6 Responses to “Why poetry? Robert Graves.”

  1. Filipino Translation of Afzal Shauq’s Poetry / Vilma Zaballero | Abraço - abraços e beijos Says:

    […] Why poetry? Robert Graves. « Sheila Muirenn's Blog […]

  2. lazfreedman Says:

    Thanks for this post,
    I dig the Quote by Robert Graves!


  3. bldherenow Says:

    Hello, I would like to invite you to The Poetic Voice. We are a writer’s community. You can enter contests add poetry, memoirs etc. Please join us on: http://poeticvoice.ning.com/

  4. Joe Labriola Says:

    True, I noticed that my poetry started getting much more what I thought and hoped it should be after I stopped worrying about thinking about it and just started doing/feeling it.

  5. johnewordslinger Says:

    Yes , just let it flow, 🙂 have fun, thanks, WS

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