Avatar Review

I knew it from the trailers: this film is everything I am about ballet and art and shows every reason I joined the Marine Corps.

Human suffering, loss, spirit, energy: energy pulls me; against the pulse of rushing music and adrenalin junkies’ outdoor thrills.

And color.

Beautiful color.

The colors move too.

The injured Devil Dog–that’s Jarhead Marine to you folks unfamiliar with the Battle of Belleau Wood–shows his esprit just by being.

Proves it.  More than once.

Fist when he follows without question, and even more by making his own decisions based on what’s right.

By choosing. Beauty. Life.


By choosing brotherhood he is born into the life of newness.

A Pandora where the unknown rewards.

When I left the theater I spoke one word:



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2 Responses to “Avatar Review”

  1. Suza Kates Says:

    Nice! I liked this one a lot…nice and dreamy…I don’t know. Touching.

  2. sheilamuirenn Says:

    Glad you liked it! Felt a little ambivalent about this review myself. Went and saw the movie twice to make sure I could write it.

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