Learned Creativity

Can creativity be learned?

Yes. And no.

Remember art class? The teacher didn’t expect everyone to have natural ability. Those who did were special. Different. Creative.

Those who didn’t were normal.

Now; consider math class. (Short Post-Traumatic episode here).

The teacher expected everyone to have some degree of skill, and to make up for any natural lack with hard work and studying.

What is the difference? The approach of course. The expectation.

Here is a creative exercise. Gather 10 random vignettes or thoughts and make a chapter from them, even if they have nothing to do with the story to begin with.

Don’t be picky, use anything and everything that occurs to you. It’s ‘free’ material in that it belongs to you without effort. Use all of it. Develop the story and make it different from what you intended.

Can anyone do this? Yes. Absolutely.

Will the answers be the same?


But as I recall, they weren’t in math class either.


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