Creativity is subjective, they say.

I don’t agree.

All my life, I hear it. It’s so creative, original, unique.

And for another work?

It’s not original. We’ve seen that before.

The opinions match. Not because they are right but because even creativity is measured. Judged. Qualified.


What is real?

Try collecting words, random thoughts, ideas.

Write them down.

In a notebook carried everywhere–

on restaurant invoices.

Take them home. Or wherever.

Arrange them in an order that makes sense.

Write. Take the information and write it into your existing structure.

Let the information create new structure and throw away the old.

Now we’re creative.


Wrong. Not if we didn’t think of it ourselves.

This way is mine.

Find yours.



One Response to “Creativity”

  1. sheilamuirenn Says:

    Thanks for commenting Rulett!

    It’s simpler than math class, at any rate.

    But what do you mean by not thinking of it earlier? Do you write? Draw? Tell me more:)

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